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Pro C# 0

Sharpen your C# skills

I just finished working through this book, Pro C# 5.0 and the .Net 4.5 Framework, by Andrew Troelsen. I must admit, this is most probably one of the most comprehensive and well written books...


Vibrant transition salad

Recently I watched ‘That Sugar Film’ by Damon Gameau. I was pretty impressed by the film and decided to check out his website as well. I found a salad on the blog of the...

Tools 0

Why should I DIY?

Many people will ask why should they DIY when they can simply go and buy it ready made? They will say that they can afford to buy something rather than spend the time making...

Biltong 0

Origins of Biltong

Before I show you how to make Biltong, let me first give you a bit of an introduction of what exactly it is. Below find a brief introduction and description of Biltong. Source: WikiPedia...