Why should I DIY?

Many people will ask why should they DIY when they can simply go and buy it ready made? They will say that they can afford to buy something rather than spend the time making it themselves. This is called lifestyle inflation where people will spend money to solve a problem.

One thing is for sure, lifestyle inflation will keep you from learning something new. It will also kill your sense of usefulness and will definitely prevent you from feeling satisfied. Over the years I have learned that DIY makes you feel good and give you a sense of purpose. There are so many other advantages to DIY and, this article, that appeared on the personal finance blog, Pretend to Be Poor, explains it very well.

Here is an extract of the above mentioned article:

Bloated spending not only causes financial problems, it also makes people less useful. It ties up time and money so that it all has to be spent on lifestyle maintenance, leaving less room for meaningful pursuits like family, friends, and volunteering. Plus, when life is centered on convenience and acquisition, people miss out on the satisfaction of becoming handy, resourceful, and helpful.

Source: Pretend to Be Poor Article: Inflate your usefulness, not your lifestyle

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Born and bred in South Africa. Migrated to Australia and quickly becoming an Aussie. Loves to DIY, it gives you a sense of achievement.

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